Meet the FlipTech 2018 Presenters

Here are a few of our many presenters. We’ll be adding more videos from week to week on our YouTube channel.

Andrew Swan is presenting “Flipping for Mastery in the Humanities” at 10:40 AM on Friday


Dan Welty is presenting the session “Transforming Assessments in Flipped Learning” at 10:40 AM on Friday


Matthew T. Moore is presenting the session “DIBs – Digital Instruction Blocks” at 2:10 pm on Friday


Laura Garfinkel is presenting “Flipping the Science Classroom” at 1:10 PM on Friday


Jacob Goldberg is presenting “Making Thinking Visible: Mind-Mapping for Deep Understanding” at 1:10 PM on Friday


Kelly Walsh is presenting the Saturday morning Keynote Address, “A Decade of EdTech: Reflections, Lessons Learned, and the Road Ahead”


Helaine Marshall is presenting “SOFLA – Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach” at FlipTech East Coast.

We’ll be adding more presenter videos from week to week so be sure to come back and look for more, or check them all out on YouTube!