Meet the FlipTech 2018 Presenters

Here are a few of our many presenters. We’ll be adding more videos from week to week on our YouTube channel.

Andrew Swan is presenting “Flipping for Mastery in the Humanities” at 10:40 AM on Friday


Dan Welty is presenting the session “Transforming Assessments in Flipped Learning” at 10:40 AM on Friday


Matthew T. Moore is presenting the session “DIBs – Digital Instruction Blocks” at 2:10 pm on Friday


Laura Garfinkel is presenting “Flipping the Science Classroom” at 1:10 PM on Friday


Jacob Goldberg is presenting “Making Thinking Visible: Mind-Mapping for Deep Understanding” at 1:10 PM on Friday


Kelly Walsh is presenting the Saturday morning Keynote Address, “A Decade of EdTech: Reflections, Lessons Learned, and the Road Ahead”


Helaine Marshall is presenting “SOFLA – Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach” at FlipTech East Coast.

We’ll be adding more presenter videos from week to week so be sure to come back and look for more!