FlipTech Conferences

The Flipped Learning Network is delighted to partner with schools across the U.S. and the world to create regional Flipped Learning and Education Technology conferences.

FlipTech 2018 East Coast, is now “in the books” as they say, having taken place June 29th and 30th (click here to read a reflection on this very successful event).

We’re working to plan one or more conferences in 2019. If you’re interested in partnering with the Flipped Learning Network to offer a conference at your school in 2019, please drop as a line and let’s talk! 

If you are interested in partnering with us to offer a regional FlipTech conference, please reach out through this Contact Form.

The services that the Flipped Learning Network can help provide include:

  • This web site, where the conferences can be promoted and relevant info and links shared
  • Facilitation of Call for Proposals process
  • Help coordinating Keynote speakers
  • Promoting the conference and bringing in registrants
  • Guidance/assistance managing registrations
  • Guidance/assistance publishing the conference schedule using a schedule app
  • Ongoing promotion of the conference through social media
  • Working with presenters to write posts about their topics, which is a great way to help promote the conference!
  • Assistance coordinating the overall flow of the process, pre-developed To Do lists, etc.


In exchange for these services, we look for a flat fee and a small percentage of registration fees, to help offset our costs and support the not-for-profit FLN. Conference partners are expected to secure a facility for the event, coordinate local requirements (lodging options, food services, etc.), and connect with local and regional educators to spread word in bring in attendees.

We look forward to working with you! CONTACT FORM