About Collingswood High School and the Collingswood, NJ School District


Despite its size, Collingswood Public Schools draws on its diverse community, its commitment to children and to education, its passion for the arts and social causes, its incredible teaching staff, and its array of programs to benefit all our students to make itself the prime location for the inaugural FlipTech East Coast.

With five elementary schools, each boasting its own unique personality and community, feeding into our secondary campus, a hallway of which links the middle school to the high school, our mission, to borrow from ourselves, is to “inspire out students to develop confidence, critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance.” We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of educational practice built upon risk taking, a growth mindset, and collaboration. Our schools, like our community, are inclusive and create both learning and social-emotional spaces for students to explore their coursework as much as they explore themselves.

At the secondary level, in particular, Collingswood is proud of its student-centered, socially relevant, and college and career readiness based curriculum. Without exaggeration, our elective offerings are vast and are often suggested by students. Chief among those course offerings are courses like IQubed, which invite our middle school students to explore STEAM concepts; History Through Baseball, which carves out a swath of American history as it runs parallel to the advent and advancement of our pastime; Public Speaking, which brings together high school students of all grade levels to find ,develop, and use their unique voice; and Sports Nutrition, which allows students to combine a passion for athletics and fitness with a curiosity for how to best prepare meals and a diet to support such a passion.

As FlipTech East Coast illustrates, Collingswood is a district which attracts the kind of teachers who are interested in a progressive, student-centered approach. Our founder, Dave Walsh, has revolutionized instruction through his flipped model, of which he has since gone on to support other teachers’ pursuit, has given workshops locally and nationally on flipped learning, and has modeled the kind of thinking and learning we are so desperate to see in our kids.

Finally, as our website boasts, we are, above all, interested in growth. Absent of the confines and pressure of educational standardization, we want our students, staff, parents, and community to grow together.

Selected School Highlights:

Zane North Elementary: Opened Sustainable Schools Rain Garden in Oct 2017

All five of our elementary schools boast an award winning concert band.

Collingswood Middle School: Recognized as a County School of Character

Collingswood High School:  One of four south Jersey schools to be recognized in US News and World Report rankings of best public schools in the nation; Recognized by NAMM Foundation as one of the country’s best communities for music education; Fully operational vocations and 18-21 year old programs.